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Ear, Nose & Throat Consultant in Tunbridge Wells & Maidstone

Mr John Shotton, ENT ConsultantWelcome to the website of Mr John Carr Shotton FRCS Ed., FRCS Eng. , Consultant Otolaryngologist Head and Neck, Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgeon based at the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust since 1993.

Mr Shotton has been treating patients for over 25 years for Ear, Nose and Throat conditions. He routinely advises on both adult and childhood Ear, Nose and Throats conditions and undertakes both straightforward and complex surgery including cancer surgery.

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Conditions Treated

All common Ear, Nose & Throat disorders including:

  • Throat, voice and swallowing symptoms
  • Nose and sinus conditions including FESS surgery
  • Tonsil and adenoid problems in children
  • Glue ear and childhood hearing issues
  • Assessment of neck lumps
  • Thyroid complaints including goitre and parathyroid disorders
  • Early diagnosis of Head and Neck and Thyroid cancer
  • Parotid and other salivary gland disorders

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Please call: 01892 740901 or email: to enquire.

Office hours: 09:00-17:00 each weekday.

Mr Shotton provides care at the following hospitals: